AJ Locksmiths Newark

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an emergency locksmith?
Yes, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all lock emergencies and call outs. We cover evenings, weekends and bank holidays. We cover Newark-on-Trent and surrounding areas.
How long will I have to wait for you to come out to fix my locks?
We will always try and respond as promptly as possible. In the case of an emergency call out we will try and be with you within an hour. Due to the need for timely attendance our emergency call outs are limited to our immediate local area of Newark. For non urgent repairs we will agree a mutually convenient appointment.
What types of locks can you fix?
We can repair or replace all types of door locks including Euro Cylinder Locks, Yale Locks, Nightlatch, Mortice Locks, Garage door locks, locks for internal doors. We can also help wth locks to windows, padlocks, sheds, gates, postboxes in fact almost any lock excluding motor vehicles. For motor vehicles you will need an Auto Locksmith.
I’ve lost my house keys. Can you help me?
Yes we can help you to gain access to your house and we can also organise new keys for you however in these circumstances and particularly if you don’t know where you have lost your keys we would recommend you get the locks changed.
Do I need to get the locks changed when I move house?
When you move into a new home we strongly recommend that you get the locks changed. Some household insurers may specify that locks need to be changed otherwise they may dispute or throw out a claim. Changing the locks will give you peace of mind about who has access to your home. If you don’t change the locks the previous owners may still have keys or they could have given a set of keys to someone else.
How long will it take for my new lock to arrive?
If we cannot repair your lock and a replacement lock is needed then there’s a good chance we’ve got the parts in stock on the van. If we do need to order parts this generally takes just a couple of days at which point we will return to complete the job. In these cases there will be no additional call out charge incurred for the second visit.
Will I need a new lock if my key has snapped off in the lock?
It is not always necessary to replace a lock if your key has snapped off in the lock. Please do not attempt to remove the snapped key yourself as you may cause further damage and the lock may not be viable for repair. Call a locksmith for assistance. A locksmith will have the skills, experience and the right tools to remove the key and provide you with a replacement.
What is lock snapping?
Lock Snapping is a method used by thieves and burgulars to break a lock cylinder and open a lock. Euro cylinder locks are susceptible to lock snapping and are commonly found on UPVC or composite doors. Lock snapping requires minimal skill and can be performed in seconds. Lock snapping can be prevented by upgrading to anti-snap locks.
Are my locks vulnerable to lock snapping?
Lock snapping only really applies to UPVC and composite doors and even then not all locks are susceptible to lock snapping. It is easy to prevent lock snapping by ungrading your locks to a new anti-snap lock. A British Standard 3 Star BSI TS007 cylinder would be a suitable and recommended lock to prevent lock snapping. Please contact AJ Locks & Services for a lock survey and a quote to upgrade your locks.
Can you recommend a Snapsafe lock?
Yes, we’d be happy to recommend and fit a snapsafe lock for you if required. Contact us for an appointment and we will visit your property and take a look at your existing locks and make recommendations where required.
Can you repair misted UPVC windows?
Misting usually happens when double glazing fails and moisture gets inside the panel and between the two pieces of glass. If you have a misted UPVC window we can replace individual glazed units for you.
My UPVC door will not shut or lock properly. Can you repair UPVC doors?
We repair UPVC windows and doors and where a repair is not possible or viable we can also help with replacement windows and doors. Repairs include replacement hinges, door handles or locks. Sometimes all that is required is a simple adjustment to the door or window mechanism.